About BWR Electric

The name BWR Electric Ltd?

So what does BWR stand for, is often the question the owner is asked?

BWR is created from a combination of electrical cable colouring blue, white, red and the French flag being the owners ancestry, albeit a few hundred years back.

About the Owner

Gary has been involved in yachts since his early days of being a sea scout, raced a range of trailer catamarans over the years, crossed the Atlantic ocean on more than one occasion, sailed up the African coast to Mozambique and explored the Huaraki Gulf on his Whiting 29.

He is an accomplished electrician, electrical designer and project manager.

Trained as an electrician on the South African Railways and Harbours covering, residential, industrial, locomotives and tugs.

More than 20 years experience as an electrician in residential, commercial, industrial and marine electrical repairs and installations.

An additional 5 years were spent as an electrical consultant (Engineering Technician) responsible for preparing tender documentation and project managing commercial and industrial electrical installations.

A further 5 years experience as a project manager responsible for co-ordinating the professional design team for a large retail outlet and managing the full building construction of their stores through to opening day to the public.